And it is finished!

I have had to hold off on completing this blog as I was asked by Alex not to post pictures of her chasuble until after her ‘priesting’ and her first Eucharist service. Well she is now a fully fledged priest and has taken her first Eucharist service. Both of these events happened on the 1st July this year, at Coventry Cathedral, followed by St Peter’s in Kineton where she is currently the Curate.

Lining ready to be attached

In the first picture I have tacked the centre line of the chasuble front ready to line up the embroidered panel.

The lining has been cut out and sewed up and is ready to be attached to the chasuble top.

Before sewing the lining to the top Alex asked for a piece of tape to be hidden inside the seam. She had asked everyone from her churches, family and friends to sign the tape. We had done something similar to this with her ordination stole when everyone had signed the interfacing, neither is ever intended to be seen but Alex knows that they are there.

A close up detail of some of the finishing touches.

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