My Work


Kintsugi Cross

Cross of bursting joy

Stained Glass Chalice – Wheat & Grapes

Pioneer Priest

Butterflies of Fellowship

Via Veritas Vita

Celtic Cross

IHS Ordination Stole

Shape Me, Change Me, Form Me

In the beginning

Persian Cross

May My Prayers Be Set Before You

I Am The Light Shining In The Dark

Chalice and Bowl

Let The Children Come To Me

Our Lady Of The Assumption

Cheshire Countryside

Nothing Can Separate Us

Rainbow Of Inclusivity

Jesus Son Of David

Broadstairs Fishers Of Men

Dove Chasuble And Matching Stole

Sing Joyfully

The Heraldic

There’ll Be Bluebirds

The Road Not Taken

New Life

Gnarled Trees

Portland Bill

Rainbow Butterflies

Pour Out My Spirit

Celtic Tree Of Life

St Alban


Red Pebbles

The Oak Tree

Alpha & Omega

Bishop Edward King

Luytens Window

Chi Rho & Eucharist

Fishers Of People


White Lutyens Chasuble

Red Flames Chasuble

Green Eucharist Chasuble

Altar, Pulpit & Lectern Falls

This commission was inspired by the Lutyens window in the crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool. I had previously made a white chasuble and companion stole that the minister so liked that they wanted to use elements of the design again in these pieces.

They were created using the reverse applique technique of layering the silks on top of each other, stitching the lines from the reverse and then cutting away the silks to reveal the colours underneath. This enables me to create the fine points needed which would be very difficult to achieve using other methods. The centre circle is created using the goldwork technique of padded layers of felt that get increasingly bigger and then overlayed with gold kid leather to create a smoothe domed effect.

The rich purples gold and silver Dupion silks together with the geometric design add a really dynamic feel to these pieces I think.