Working the top stitching

I’ve been busy carrying on with the White stole based on the Bishop Edward King Chapel ceiling and am really pleased with how it’s looking so far.

Now that I had completed the outline stitches from the tracing, I started working from the top using a small close zig-zag stitch to follow all the stitched lines, this is the finished stiching that will be seen on the front of the stole once I’ve finished but is really important on this design as it makes the magic effect work! 

Once i finished the zig-zag stitches i move onto the the best bit! Using a pair of small curved blade scissors I begin to carefully cut through the layers to reveal the colour I want, each layer I cut through reveals the next layer underneath.

It’s nerve wracking work as I have to be so careful not to cut through to the wrong layer as there is no way to correct mistakes, if I cut through too many layers I would have to start all over again!

These last two photos show the finished effect once the layers have all been cut. The dark silk here looks quite brown but is in fact a much richer gold colour. 

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