The Finishing touches

With all the cutting completed the stole based on Bishop Edward King Chapel was then to start piecing together. With this design I decided that the back neck piece would look better as a single piece of the white silk with my signature cross in the middle of it.

Then it is on to the lining. This stole was lined with a plain white cotton keeping it crisp and clean. 

With right sides together I stitch up the outside edge (stopping at the centre seam) along the bottom and a short way up the inside edge and then turn the stole right side out. 

Then it is the tricky bit of the centre back seam and getting it to sit nice and flat. The centre back seam is stitched by hand as is the inside edge. I usually wear my head magnifiers for this so that I can keep my stitches really small.

And with that another commission is complete!

I’ve really enjoyed working on this one and hope you love the finished design too!

Click here to take a look at my gallery featuring the finished stole.

If you’d love to commission a stole for someone you know, or maybe for yourself, please get in touch and I’ll see how I can help!

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