Panels All Finished

OK so all the panels are now finished and it is time to attach them to the background. As this is my first altar cloth I have to admit to being ever so slightly nervous. Questions I keep asking myself …

“Why did I agree to do this?”
“Did I measure the altar accurately?”
” Is it going to hang beautifully?”
“Do I have a table big enough to lay it all out on?” and finally
“How on earth am I actually going to do this ?”

Here are some pictures of the panels before I get started.

The photo above shows all three panels ready to be mounted on the green background fabric.

Close up of side panel.
Deciding on placement of end panels.

Last look at the altar fall before it is presented to St James’church in Alveston, Warwickshire. I still have to attach the calico to extend the cloth over the top & down the back of the altar and then line the whole piece.

I will post photos of the cloth in situ sometime in June, when it is first seen in the church.

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