New Commission : A red chasuble

5b is my aim

I have been asked to design and make a red Chasuble for my sister to wear as she celebrates her first Eucharist in late June. Almost a year has passed since she was ordained a deacon and I started this exciting adventure I now find myself on. She will be back in Coventry Cathedral wearing her red stole, (unlooped and lying flat, rather than across the body) as she is ordained into the priesthood. 

Again the brief was challenging, fish, of course, but this time also including bread and the Holy Spirit and of course complementing the stole. The design is to embroidered onto an orphrey { an ornamental stripe or border, especially one on an ecclesiastical vestment such as a chasuble }

So this time I have a new challenge, actually making a chasuble ! Graph paper has been purchased, fabric samples ordered, a book by Beryl Dean {doyenne of all things ecclesiastical} sourced and sketches done.

Selection of chasubles and different elements of decoration.

These are really rough sketches, working on how to incorporate the imagery (not to scale) Once I knew I was on the right lines I began on a full size working drawing.

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