The Banksy

This commission came from an Ordinand whose partner had sketched the design they would like to create on their stole. It uses the Banksy painting ‘Forgive Us Our Trespassing’ commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and Isiah Chapter 58 as its main inspiration. Up on the shoulder, there is a dove entwined in ribbons that spiral down to the left-hand side of the window which has been ‘fractured’

The stole has been created on ivory silk Dupion. The ‘stained glass’ areas were first made by snipping bright silks into tiny little pieces, sandwiching them together between water soluble fabric & then free machining over the top to secure all the little pieces in place. The created fabric is then emersed in cold water until the water-soluble fabric disappears, leaving a newly created ‘fabric’ that I was then able to cut out and machine applique in place.

This is an example of a ‘scenic’ stole.

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