I Will Pour Out My Spirit

This is my most recent commission, for an ordination stole.

I was asked to include the words ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people’ and flames as a starting point for the design. My first designs had flames coming up from the bottom and the words coming out above them. Then the words began to play in my mind , particularly the word ‘people’ kept coming to the fore. So I played around with some figurative ideas and what you see is what was finally decided upon.

I tried to make the figures fluid, looking like they were turning into the flames and then the words emerging from the flames. Each figure and flame is attached to the background with a tiny metallic thread zig zag stitch. A gold kid leather flame was included on each side to add a highlight and a different texture.

Again I had the opportunity to do some couched lettering – this is fast becoming something I love doing, tricky but ever so effective. The lettering is couched, gold 3ply twist thread, laid down two threads side by side, and couched with gold cotton thread. All the ends of the twist threads are then pulled through to the back of the fabric and secured in place with tiny stitches.

I hope you like this stole as much as I do, I am not allowed to have favourites but …

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