St Alban the Martyr Stole

This is my most recent finished commission for the priest at St Alban the Martyr, London.

I was asked to incorporate the stone mullions around the chancel window as viewed from the outside. On the nape of the neck the cross was to be the same design as on the church roof.

This stole is much narrower than the stoles I have made before & it therefore came with it’s own challenges. Fortunately for me, the client was able to re-size the design to fit the narrower format.

Then it was on to creating some small samples for her to choose how she wanted it to be stitched. The first sample was a simple gold outline. The other two were created using reverse applique. It was decided that the gold outline suited the design perfectly as it allowed for the fine detail required if the design.

Reverse applique, gold fabric under the white, white cut away to reveal the gold.
Gold outline in tiny zig zag stitch
Gold applied on top of the cream & the gold cut away to reveal the white.
Stole panels embroidered prior to being lined

I was on a tight deadline with this stole, so I took it away with me when I went to our cottage in Wales & sat sewing while looking out at the wonderful view from our front window.

I needed good natural light so that I could see the design on the white silk as it was so important that the stitching was as precise as possible. I am particularly pleased with the effect working with a fine outline has created, I could see it reproduced on a full set of stoles, each one being dramatically different because of the way the gold thread would work against the background colour.

I chose to line it with a cotton fabric which gives beautiful clean edges when the stole is finally pressed and then it was off to the post office for a recorded next day delivery!!

You can see more of this commission in my photo gallery by clicking below.

Small section of the finished stole

The following day I received some lovely feedback from the client who had commissioned the stole for her partners 30th birthday.

” …it’s through the door … It’s absolutely stunning, he will be over the moon!!! Honestly it’s so beautiful, thank you so much for everything and getting it done so quickly …”

“’s been really lovely working with you, and it’s honestly so beautiful! Thank you again!”

Commission inquiry

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