The Luytens Window

This is my latest commission, a white stole inspired by the Lutyens window in the crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool. A wonderful starburst of light and symmetry. Quite a daunting image I thought !!!

I began with a photograph sent to me by the client, then enlarged it to see how the design was created.

The first thing that was very obvious was that it would need to be greatly simplified, whilst still keeping true to the original design.

A pair of large compass’ were bought and a deep delve into my past maths lessons (those of you who know me well will know that is a very deep & dark place !!!) meant a quick refresh lesson in how to divide a circle and I was off. 

Initial pencil sketch
Detail of lower part of the design.
Detail of top section of design, worked as one piece.

Finished design, ready for the next stage, tracing the design & deciding on seam & cutting lines. This bit has to be accurate, otherwise the two centre edges won’t meet correctly. 

The tracing is colour coded, to help me when I come to place the silk on the reverse side as I will be working blind. The centre line of the design has has a seam allowance added, this allows me to make sure the centre of the design remains a full circle & is not mis-shapen when I line the stole later.

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