Red Pebble Stole

Earlier this year I was commissioned to produce a stole that was quite different with regards to the design. Unlike my previous work where most of the design work was completed by me then refined with the client, in this case the client wanted something that was closely connected to a painting she had produced that was inspired by pebbles on a Cornish beach. Having tried a few designs of my own based on pebbles, it was decided to try & replicate her painting as closely as possible.

We settled on a design with two pannels on the bottom of each side of the stole based on her painting. I cut out the shapes for each “stone” and appliqued them onto the main panels then stitched the panels onto the red backing silk.

At the top of the stole the client wanted two Celtic inspired crosses. The crosses were again worked using the padded felt gold work technique i used to create the crossed keys on the St Peters Alter Fall. The small coloured areas around the cross were hand embroidered in the same colours as the pebbles.

I was really pleased with the finished stole, the design was quite different from what I usually do but my work has to be client led because at the end of the day these pieces do not belong to me. I am just the means to creating someone else’s vision.

So whether you’re looking for me to design your clerical items from scratch of have a very clear idea of the design you’d like I’d love to hear from you!

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