Things To Think About When Considering Commissioning A Stole

I thought I would put together a little blog on things to think about when commissioning a stole.

What is the main colour to be?

What do you want your stole to convey?

Do you want to reference your spiritual journey? Is there a particular text that inspires you, a psalm or piece of music or a visit to a special place? The more information you can give me the better.

Sing Joyfully Unto God Our strength
Stole inspired by a poem The Road Less Taken

Are there any symbols/images you would like included ?

Is there something in your spiritual journey you want represented?

Inspiration taken from a trip to Iona

Do you prefer something quite simple or with lots of detail?


When do I need it for? Please allow plenty of time for the design & make process, this often takes longer than you think!

Is your stole for Ordination to Deacon or when you are to be priested?

Do you want a straight or a mitered seam?

Neck with mitered seam

How long do you want your stole to be?

(Measured from the nape of your neck to the bottom of the stole) A rough guide would be – A 130cm (51″) stole for people who are 5’5″ tall or shorter. 135cm (53″) stole length 5’6″ to 5’11” tall. 140cm (55″) stole works well for people who are 6′ tall and over. But I can make them to your desired length.

How wide do you want it?

Mine are usually 13cm (5″) at the bottom narrowing to 10cm (4″) at the back seam. Again this can be tailored to your choice.

What is your budget?

Bear in mind the more detailed it is or if it includes hand embroidery the more expensive it will be.

This is very often an exciting journey to go on and very much taken with you at the heart of it, so enjoy and I look forward to joining you on it.

Well I think that is everything!!

One thought on “Things To Think About When Considering Commissioning A Stole

  1. Hello,
    My daughter will be ordained in 2 years time but I wanted to start this process early. I would want a stole suitable for her ordination… I presume this would be white. I have many things that Hannah would want o this stole but I’ll leave that for a later moment. Is this something that you would take on?
    Many thanks
    Cara Chester

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