White Rainbow Butterfly Stole

This stole was commissioned by a daughter for her mum. There is a sad story behind it. I was originally asked to replicate a stole that had been commissioned by her grandmother for her mother before she passed away. She then sadly lost her father and her mother had to leave her home. The stole was then lost in the move.

I was sent a photo of mum wearing the original and after a discussion it was agreed that it would be better to re-imagine the original than to try to copy it. Once this was decided I was asked was it possible to keep the butterflies and rainbow but could I include some ivy, as Grandma’s name was Ivy.

The design is stitched on white silk and has the motifs machine appliqued. The stems of the ivy are hand couched 3ply twist. The flowers on the ivy are embellished with some antique beads reclaimed from a lampshade I found in France years ago.

The photos you see are how it turned out. Hope you like it.