Pioneer Priest Stole

This ordination stole commission came from one of the first designated ‘Pioneer priest’ in the UK. ‘Pioneers are people called by God who are the first to see and creatively respond to the Holy Spirit’s initiatives with those outside the church, gathering others around them as they seek to establish new contextual Christian community'( The client wanted to reflect the themes of inclusivity, a journey, the Trinity, light in the darkness, fishers of men, gentleness and their two children. This design changed quite a lot from its initial idea of a lighthouse with light shining on to two acorns (the children) to what you see here. The circle represents the inclusivity of gathering all inside, the small acorns are in groups of three, the Trinity, the pathway representing a journey and a careful look at the night sky will reveal a constellation.

This stole is worked on ivory Dupion silk with machine appliqued design and embroidered elements. It has a straight back neck seam with a small appliqued cross.