May My Prayers Be Set Before You

The inspiration for this Ordination stole came from Psalm 141 May my prayers be set before you like incense, May the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice. The image shows a figure with arms raised and plumes of ‘prayers’ rising up with swirls of incense. My client also wanted me to include some of her wedding dress in her stole. As the fabric of the dress was very similar to the silk I was using it was decided that the wedding dress fabric would be used to line the stole. The small cross on the back neck seam was created using a small piece of the embroidered bodice detail. I also made a protective cover for this stole, I attached a little blue bow, found inside the dress, as a final connection.

This Ordination stole is worked on ivory Dupion silk, with gold thread machine appliqued pieces.