Let The Little Children Come To Me

This commission came from a priest whose ordination stole I had made last year. They wanted this green Ordinary Time stole to reflect the saying of Jesus ‘Let the little children come to me’. I was asked to incorporate an adults hands reaching down and a child’s reaching up. ‘Aaargh hands !!’ was my immediate thought, not easy to draw and so difficult to get right. They also have to be connected to something so they don’t look odd or disjointed! As a theme/connection to their Ordination stole they wanted me to incorporate ‘rays’ of light coming from the adult figure. I think this design actually works really well, it is simple but impactful and I hope reflects the loving arms of Jesus reaching out to welcome and hug a child.

It is worked on green Dupion silk with a machine appliqued design and embellished with gold metallic machine embroidered ‘rays’.