Jesus Son Of David Braille Stole

This stole was commissioned by a Methodist minister who found themselves using a purple stole more frequently, the one they were using currently being borrowed.

The starting point for this stole came from two distinct influences. Encountering God in places of weakness, especially through those who have some form of disability and secondly that their disabled daughter’s favourite colour was yellow. We talked also about bible stories and important biblical phrases. The stories of blind Bartemaus and Lazarus were identified as being really significant, along with the phrase ‘Jesus Son of David’

Once I began my sketching journey I struggled at first to incorporate all these elements and then I thought that it might work if the stole could be multi-sensory and so the idea of using braille for the wording ‘Jesus Son of David’ was born.

This stole really resonated with me and I am very pleased with how it turned out.

It is worked in purple silk Dupion with a mustard yellow cotton lining.