Portland Bill Stole

This stole had a number of different elements to it, the first and most tricky being the brief !!

I was asked if I could incorporate the Portland Bill lighthouse, the sea, a reference to Portland stone quarried in the area, ammonites found in the rocks along the Devon coastline and lastly and most tricky a reference to the Devon and Wiltshire fire brigade, which the vicar had been a member of. I usually try very quickly to sketch what first comes into my mind and use this as a way forward with a client. I can then add, change or remove elements to the design.

Early sketches

Once the design is agreed I can move on to the marking out & placing of fabrics. The background colours are laid down first and any other details, like the lighthouse and derrick are added on top. Finally details like the ammonites are created as separate pieces and stitched on at the end.

The stole pieces are stitched together at the neck and the cross or emblem of choice is added. It is now ready for lining.

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