Bespoke Clerical Stoles

All of my stoles, vestments and church textiles are designed, cut out by hand & embroidered on my trusty Bernina sewing machine, or by hand, using the finest silks and cottons. I design each piece to incorporate the symbols and religious iconography of your choosing. I love the process of talking through ideas & trying to create something new and exciting, that fulfills your vision and is totally unique. From everyday stoles to intricate one off designs for special occasions, such as ordinations, I’ll design a unique item just for you.

Take a look at some of my recent commissions below, if you’d like to talk to me about a commission please click below to send me a message.

Latest Commissions

St Alban Stole


Red Pebbles

The Oak Tree

Alpha & Omega

Bishop Edward King Stole

Luytens Stole

Green Harvest

Fishers of People

From my Blog

  • St Alban the Martyr Stole
    This is my most recent finished commission for the priest at St Alban the Martyr, London. I was asked to incorporate the stone mullions around the chancel window … Read more
  • Red Pebble Stole
    Earlier this year I was commissioned to produce a stole that was quite different with regards to the design. Unlike my previous work where most of the design … Read more
  • The Finishing touches
    With all the cutting completed the stole based on Bishop Edward King Chapel was then to start piecing together. With this design I decided that the back neck … Read more
  • Working the top stitching
    I've been busy carrying on with the White stole based on the Bishop Edward King Chapel ceiling and am really pleased with how it's looking so far. Now … Read more
  • The Bishop Edward King Chapel Stole
    I have another commission i've started this month that came from a priest who had completed her training at Ripon College in Oxford. She asked if I could … Read more
  • Finishing Touches
    A couple of close ups of the gold zig-zag stitching, all those ends now have to be taken through to the back & secured !! Beginning to line … Read more